Health & Hygiene

At Children's World South, we are committed to creating a clean and safe environment for both students and staff. We have implemented a comprehensive cleaning schedule that includes daily sanitization of classrooms, restrooms, and common areas. Hand sanitizing stations are strategically placed throughout the campus to encourage good hygiene practices. Additionally, we conduct regular maintenance checks on all facilities to ensure they meet safety standards. Our staff receives ongoing training on health and safety protocols, and we have established clear guidelines for emergency procedures.

It is crucial for the safety of our school community that any student or staff member who is feeling unwell promptly notifies the school. This allows us to take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of illness. By staying home when sick, individuals help protect others from potential infections, thereby maintaining a healthier environment for everyone. Our school has established clear policies to manage health-related issues, including procedures for reporting illnesses and guidelines for returning to school. These policies are in place to ensure that our cleaning and safety measures remain effective. We remind everyone that adhering to these protocols is a shared responsibility, essential for sustaining a clean and safe learning environment.

By fostering a culture of cleanliness and safety, we aim to provide a healthy and secure learning environment for everyone in our school.