Safety & Security

Before we can start the learning process we have to create a safe place for children to thrive in. For security reasons we are not able to disclose all of our protective and preventative measures. We are always improving with newer technology, updated guidelines, or as improved "best practices" become available.


Limited Access

Both schools require everyone enter through the front door which is access controlled. All visitors must sign in at the front desk. To limit the amount of individuals walking unattended through the facilities, parents pick up and drop off is done outside.


Security Cameras

Both locations have an extensive amount of cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the school and school grounds. The cameras are monitored to ensure a safe environment is maintained at all times.


Trained Staff

Staff are trained to administer First Aide, and are required to undergo annual CPR, and anti-choking training.


AEDs On Premise

Here at Children's World South, we made sure to invest in life saving technology to ensure we are equipped in emergencies.