Our Curriculum & Approach

At Children's World South, we're committed to building an educational foundation on key principles: crafting age-appropriate curriculum, nurturing social-emotional regulation, and fostering the ability to interact with others. 

How we approach Early Childhood Education, goes well beyond the conventional method of teaching colors and ABCs by way of memorization through repetition. Although that method has it's place, we have come to recognize the limitations of this 'one-size-fits-all' approach in a preschool setting. This is where a dynamic and engaging learning environment comes into play.  

Our focus is on shaping well-rounded individuals, laying a robust foundation that extends beyond the preschool years. We aim to empower students not just for the present but for a successful educational journey ahead. 

Our curriculum draws inspiration from the Creative Curriculum, enriched by the innovative Reggio Emilia approach. This unique combination has garnered us, local and national recognition. 

What we've created is truly special, and we're excited to share this distinctive educational journey with you!